01 Mar 2017

Top 10 Emirates Undiscovered Startups

The United Arab Emirates have just recently ranked 31st out of nearly 200 other countries in the global index for ease of doing business and 19th in the rank for Global Entrepreneurship.

In addition, the country has been seeing the emergence of many seed investment fund, as well as, startup incubators and accelerators.

Many keep an eye on this fascinating and growing economy; often, however, its startup ecosystem, still in its infancy, is overlooked. This is why we decided to analyse it and highlight 10 startups that are growing under the radar. We believe they deserve to be discovered, and who knows, maybe one day they will become the champions of the world economy! 

Why these companies?
These companies displayed exceptional performance on important success factors – strength of the team, size of the opportunity, competitive environment, etc. – while not being on the radar of investors and media websites.

The List
 1| The Sound Gaarden
 2| 24/7 Venues
 3| WhizzTips
 4| Zetoon
 5| Muslimface
 6| Charicycle
 7| Plimo
 8| Bospasa
 9| IT Flakes
10| Awery
Awery Aviation ERP is an integrated web-based solution for a wide range of aviation businesses managing all internal and external processes addressing global aviation market of 4B USD annually. A team of 20 qualified professionals serving 38 clients globally with retention rate close to 100%.

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