13 May 2017

Latest Global High-Speed Wi-Fi Equipment on Your Aircraft as Fast as 4 Days

Lufthansa, Honeywell and Inmarsat are revolutionizing the global airline industry with the adoption of the first truly global high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi solution.

The combination of Inmarsat’s modern GX Aviation Ka-band service, the technologically advanced JetWave hardware by Honeywell and Lufthansa’s unwavering commitment to innovation and passenger needs is bringing new comforts and efficiencies to the skies. In 2015, Lufthansa was among the first airlines in the world to select Honeywell’s JetWave hardware, pairing it Inmarsat’s Global Xpress satellite network to offers seamless, reliable coverage for passengers and crew.

True to Germany’s reputation for innovation and efficiency, Lufthansa’s engineers have developed methods to install the new solution as fast as 4 days. More specifically, installation partner Lufthansa Technik is so skilled in the installation that they are able to install the JetWave antenna with fewer than 100 rivets. Comparable satellite communications systems for airlines can use more than 10 times that amount. Fewer rivets mean fewer fuselage holes to be patched up when aircraft transfer ownership or come off of lease, and fewer labor hours, resulting in a quicker installation.

This GX Ka-band connectivity solution provides Lufthansa passengers access to highly reliable broadband internet throughout the entire flight. The solution guarantees a certain quality of service and delivers connection speeds of up to 50 Mbit per second. The connectivity data pipe also brings new operational efficiencies to ground operators and to pilots to support safe operation of the aircraft.

Since the selection, the Honeywell hardware has been installed on more than 68 airframes in Lufthansa’s fleet. Passengers are demanding in-flight Wi-Fi and Lufthansa is responding. Installation partner Lufthansa Technik is installing the Honeywell hardware on 15 aircraft per month, bringing the total Lufthansa-JetWave install base to more than 200 aircraft by 2018.

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Source : Honeywell International Inc

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