27 May 2017

Jeppesen Operator Provides Optimized Self-Service Business Aviation Flight Department Platform

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, recently introduced key enhancements to Jeppesen Operator, a new online business aviation platform that integrates key business aviation functionality in a ‘one-stop shop’ self-service environment. Available for pilots and operations staff through the cloud, a new iOS-based companion mobile app for Operator - “Personal Assistant” is also now available that allows flight crews to access essential Operator data and capabilities on the go.

Specifically, Operator integrates overall flight planning, runway performance, weight & balance, crew & fleet scheduling & management, self-service trip planning, reporting (financial, maintenance and custom), customer account management, real-time pricing and cost accounting capabilities.

Jeppesen and leading optimization and operations management software provider, BoldIQ, have teamed together to bolster Operator capabilities with scheduling and management functionalities, driven by advanced optimization algorithms. Operator combines Jeppesen’s 40-years of experience with flight planning and international trip planning with BoldIQ’s 10-plus years of aviation on-demand flight operations and optimization experience, into a single, united user platform. Future Jeppesen Operator enhancements will utilize BoldIQ scheduling optimization capabilities to deliver enhanced flight operations functionality.

A new strategic alliance with aviation software and data services company FlightAware continues to evolve Operator’s capabilities with third-party data solutions, as Operator will integrate ADS-B and Aircraft Situational Display capabilities from FlightAware to increase situational awareness in-flight.

“Developed through years of research and built with proven software, we understand customer-driven requirements and have teamed with top providers such as BoldIQ and FlightAware to offer Jeppesen Operator as the next generation business aviation tool to unify operations,” said Ken Sain, chief operating officer, Jeppesen. “All-encompassing operations optimization provided through the tool enables operators to utilize their resources to a degree never before possible. Additionally, Jeppesen’s renowned global customer service team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues that customers may encounter.”

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Source : Jeppesen, a Boeing Company

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