09 Jul 2017

The latest from SchedAero: Jet Cards, trip details in iCal, fuel at tech stops and maintenance alerts

Manage your Jet Card business directly in SchedAero, access full trip details now in iCalendar, check fuel prices for tech stops and stay on top of maintenance with alerts. Read on to learn more about some of the latest from SchedAero:


Jet Cards

Manage your Jet Card business directly in SchedAero.
Jet Card management



Full trip details now in iCalendar

Send passenger names and logistic details to any calendar with our iCalendar integration. Contact our team to learn more about iCalendar.

iCalendar integration to SchedAero


Check fuel prices for tech stops

Be proactive and check prices when you have a fuel stop on your next trip.

Add fuel for tech stops


Maintenance tracking

Stay on top of upcoming maintenance and track hours with aircraft logs.

SchedAero maintenance tracking
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