04 Feb 2017

SmartSky Networks Selects NFV Solution From Brocade

SmartSky Networks is building cutting-edge air-to-ground broadband network using the companies’ interoperable and pre-certified network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions from Brocade.

SmartSky is deploying the Brocade Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) running on VMware vCloud NFV to implement a new network, connecting more than 250 cell sites strategically placed across the continental US SmartSky’s Air-to-Ground network will provide airborne users with online experiences comparable with those in an office or at home.

The combined NFV solution from Brocade and VMware enables SmartSky to take a software-defined approach to network infrastructure that is more agile, flexible and cost-effective than a hardware-based approach.

“We are building SmartSky’s network from the ground up, enabling us to rethink how a cross-continental air-to-ground network such as this should be built,” said David Claassen, vice president, Network and Service Architecture, SmartSky.

“As we worked through the design, it became clear that using an NFV approach and leveraging commodity hardware for the underlying physical fabric would deliver the best ROI while increasing our service-ability and reducing many of the operational headaches common with traditional hardware-based networks. Brocade and VMware are delivering a combined NFV solution that will help us accelerate our delivery of this unique service offering,” added Claassen.

“Brocade and VMware have collaborated for years as NFV partners, driving performance, scalability and life-cycle management for network functions to customers such as SmartSky,” said Nishi Kant, vice president, mobile networking, Brocade.

“Stability, ease of deployment and ongoing management of the Brocade vEPC solution are recurring themes in our customer deployments, and certification of the Brocade vEPC as VMware Ready for NFV gives customers confidence in the interoperability of our NFV platforms,” added Kant.

VMware vCloud NFV provides a mature, production-proven NFVI platform that enables SmartSky to deploy the Brocade vEPC while meeting the company’s stability and flexibility requirements.

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