28 Mar 2017 Trusts Microsoft Azure to Help the Airline Industry Reach New Heights is a cloud-based airline operations solution that manages all aspects of flight operations and crew management to help carriers make smarter operational decisions to ensure safety, efficiency, and a quality work environment. Built on Microsoft Azure, provides airlines with accurate, up-to-date data on demand, anywhere and on any device, to enable timely and collaborative decision making.

Mark McCaughan, CEO, Merlot Aero Limited, stated, “ built on Microsoft Azure offers a complete set of tools and technologies along with the automation that allows quicker development. Our flexible and yet comprehensive application is designed and engineered specifically to meet the complex and growing needs of the airline industry. Leveraging the solution, most of our customers have experienced an increase in the bottom line in a short span.”

Azure assures the following benefits:
Quicker to Deploy: The cloud-based solution includes a combination of rules that optimize all facets of airline operations and ensures they require minimal customization.
Superior Performance: The Airline Operations Management solution powered by Azure provides real-time visibility to critical data for effective decision making. The solution also ensures uninterrupted access to information and offers defined SLAs of 99.95 percent or more to airlines.
Better Security: The application implements the security features in Azure and adds industry best practices.
Lower Acquisition and Management Costs: The Airline Operations Management solution on Azure eliminates the higher cost of acquisition and maintenance as well as long implementation cycles for customers.
Greater Flexibility: Azure ensures customers benefit from the integrated suite of applications and automatic scaling. Using the flexible and scalable architecture, an airline can take advantage of the base solution, add newer modules when needed, and integrate with third-party applications for a comprehensive Flight Ops solution, even while ensuring cost efficiency.
High Speed, Greater Responsiveness:’s implementation of Azure SQL Database enables airlines to scale database performance based on their requirements.

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