17 Sep 2017

Customer Spotlight: Innovation at Virgin Atlantic

Airlines are no longer just selling a route, they’re selling an experience. From VR headsets and Netflix streaming to in-flight meals that are actually delicious, experience is the point of differentiation for many leading airlines these days.

And it’s not all just about satisfying our needs for comfort. After facing criticism from environmentalists, the airline industry is actively working to cut down on their carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious.

Historically, Virgin Atlantic has been on the forefront of innovation and disruption in the airline industry. For those who remember, Virgin Atlantic pioneered using LED lights to welcome and soothe passengers, knowing those pink and purple lights would help them relax and get some sleep. In short, they know something about improving the flying experience.

The airline continues to “fly in the face of ordinary.” Through their willingness to take risks, reinvent, and maintain relevance, Virgin Atlantic has made sure that its best face is always forward.

A Focus on Tech Innovation
Earlier this month, Virgin promoted Dominic Kennedy to Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo, one of their most dynamic divisions. Virgin Atlantic’s fleet of Boeing 787’s are all state-of the art, featuring the Internet of Things (IoT) on all onboard devices, as well as cargo equipment.
Thanks to this technology, Kennedy and his team have access a crystal clear view of operations. Likewise, IoT allows pilots to proactively monitor the entire aircraft, from engine to landing gear, in real-time. This ensures a safer, smarter flight, where issues are anticipated before they happen.

Virgin Money Meets Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Money, well known for their credit cards, savings, and investment programs, is now partnering with Virgin Atlantic. This cross-over program is set to offer a plethora of benefits to subscribers. For instance, a Virgin Money credit card can help customers earn miles and ascend through the loyalty program, from Red all the way to Gold, just for spending on the products that they would normally buy.  
The partnership will also grant customers access to the Virgin Money Lounges and company discounts, among other perks.  

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