Users also get a more modern new graphical user interface. Critical tasks are identified. “With a simple look at the screen, you can quickly identify tasks the operator or MRO organization should pay attention to,” Manuel-de-Condinguy explains. Users thus do not have to open the records of life-limited components to check how much time is remaining.

For 2017, AMS is working on a reliability module. It will use data inserted by customers as if the information were part of a business intelligence solution dedicated to equipment reliability. This module can help users assess and modify their own maintenance programs or evaluate the performance of maintenance suppliers.

In the first half of 2017, AMS will offer automatic work order creation to MRO users. It will use either internal estimates or import work orders from external sources.

Manuel-de-Condinguy says AMS software is especially strong in tracking maintenance tasks and integrating with inventory management tools. “Indeed, it allows clear tracking of maintenance costs, both parts consumption and labor,” he notes.

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